Thursday 30 June 2016

Offshore detention, Turnbull, Clinton and onscreen lies

Clinton on Monica Lewinsky

Arguably the most celebrated lie from the world's most celebrated political liar, and all in 26 seconds. 

Turnbull on offshore detention

Malcolm Turnbull took a little longer in laying down the lie that the Commonwealth does not control the offshore detention centres in Papua New Guinea and Nauru. Why? In order to convert the lie to fact, he felt it necessary to repeat it three times in his "Four Corners' interview on Monday night. Here is the transcript (as cut and pasted):

"MALCOLM TURNBULL: ... Nauru is managed by the Nauru government, Manus by the PNG government.

... those places are those um centres are managed by the res- th- the respective governments, PNG and Nauru, that's a fact.
Well, we don't hold them there. We don't hold them there. That's th- that is that is not correct. We do not hold them there."

And now for a hypothetical:

Let us imagine that businessman Turnbull decides to run a brothel in Papua New Guinea. He buys a building for the enterprise, illegally imports the girls, confiscates their passports so that they cannot leave the country, installs a locally recruited madam, who prevents the girls from leaving the premises, and meets all of the payments associated with the enterprise.

Could it sensibly be argued that he is not managing a brothel? and guilty of detaining the girls in a brothel contrary to section 221 of Papua New Guinea's Criminal Code?

The evidence before the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea, and the High Court of Australia that supports the analogy is for another day.

The Four Corners Interview

The interview.  The well-rehearsed lie comes around the 49th minute.